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Hajj and Umrah Dates 2017

Hajj Dates 2017 8th Dhul-Hijja (Day of Tarweya) - Wednesday 30th August 9th Dhul-Hijja (ARAFAT) - Thursday 31st August 10th Dhul-Hijja (EID DAY) - Friday 1st September 11th Dhul-Hijja (1st Day...

June 01, 2017 Ali Sajaad

Hajj - A Culmination of a Lifetime’s Work

(peace be upon him) Ḥajj is the journey of a lifetime. This popular statement has become somewhat of a cliché. There was a time when people would save for a lifetime to fulfil this dream...

June 01, 2017 Ahsan Hanif

Hajj - Best of actions

Below we have listed the actions as the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) performed them or advised us to do. We have called them the "best actions". There are various allowable deviations or options...

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

Why is Hajj getting so expensive-Part 2

This is part 2 of my article discussing the cost of Hajj and specifically why it is getting so expensive. If you haven't yet read Part 1, then please take a few moments and read it here. My...

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

The Days of Hajj

  Day No: Date (Dhul-Hijja): Day known as: Meaning: 1 8th Yaum-at-Tarweya Day of...

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

Amazing experience of Hajj in 2018

Great experience of Hajj with this operator. Highly recommend to all planning the holy journey of a lifetime.
HAJJ Would Recommend This Agent!

@Dr Shan Ellahi September 05, 2018

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Hajj - Place by Place

The Hajj events are now explained as the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) performed them during his farewell pilgrimage. In this section we address the required actions for each place, followed in the...

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

Hajj Vaccinations

It is of high importance to take vaccinations (according to the table shown below) long enough before Hajj. It is indispensably necessary for protecting yourself as well as fellow pilgrims. Some...

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

Hajj - Common mistakes

Some common MISTAKES people make and should be avoided are: In our experience, we have found the following to be some of the most common actions many pilgrims opt to do, which do not conform to...

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids