"Incompetent hajj 2018" - Very upset pilgrim

Reviewed on August 22, 2018
HAJJ Would Not Recommend This Travel Agent!

"Information changes day to day, nothing had been planned and executed accordingly. Consistently made the pilgrims wait beyond reasonable expectation. Issue one: hotel rooms not ready upon arrival 7 hour wait. Mina tents overcrowded group leaders no where to be seen when pilgrom issues come up. Give lame excuses and accept no accountability. From aziziyah told to be on standby from 10pm till 2am coach didn't come till 9am, sleep ruined before Mina. Made to wait 6 hours for coaches going to muzdalia from Arafat. Told to wait in the 2 hours in the queue prior to arrival. Wheelchair users had to get from the back of the queue through 200 hajjis. Very disorganized and uninformative. Coaches had pilgrims from other groups jumping taking our spaces and thus made us wait longer. Avoid this group at all costs they will emotionally black mail you using the Deen. Utter cowboys. Always last in everything except taking your money."

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