"Memorable Hajj with Guidance from esteemed Ul" - Syed Ahmed

Reviewed on September 07, 2018
HAJJ Would Not Recommend This Travel Agent!

"We made the blessed journey of hajj with Sakeenah Tours upon recommendation. We felt very comfortable when meeting Amjad (Sakeenah Tours), the package was explained in detail and we got a sense that Sakeenah Tours strategically planned for a comfortable yet beneficial hajj. They did not disappoint, during the hajj journey they all made sure we were comfortable and we had amongst us esteemed scholars to guide us. The whole package was perfect and well thought out and I do not have anything negative to say. If you are thinking about going through Sakeenah, please go meet them and let them talk through the packages with you and inshAllah you will be comfortable with them as I was on my first meeting. Thank you to all of the Sakeenah Team for a memorable Hajj and I pray that Allah gives you the ability to continuously serve the Hujjaj as you have served us."

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