"Hajj 2016" - Abdulkadir Vankalwala

Reviewed on June 19, 2017
HAJJ Would Recommend This Travel Agent!

"I was requested to write review of InterAir Hajj & Umrah Ltd. I do not have words to describe their Superb, excellent, Wonderful services and my heart does Doa thanking Allah to choose this one for my first Hajj. Salimbhai, Azimbhai, Arifbhai are more than real brother who worked day & night to care for I call 150 family members doing Hajj together. SubhanAllah The moment Salimbhai starts this journey of life time from his office, Heathrow Airport to Madina & Makkah is unforgettable due to smooth,kind,caring & worry free all but pleasure out of this world. The hotels, transport were all truly 5 Star and food throughout was of amazing variety & taste I will remember all my life time to come. SubhanAllah Allah has chosen Salimbhai & all staff of Interair not just for business but to Serve Muslim brothers & Sisters as per HIS command. AmeenSummaAmeen Allah willing if I do get another chance to do my second Hajj after 5 years, my name will be first one on the list of InterAir. May ALLAH bless this true Persons of Khidmat and give them long and healthy life of years to come. AmeenSummaAmeen"

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