Makkah deploys 30 bomb squads at Grand Mosque

June 19, 2017 Ali Sajaad

It has been announced by Saudi Gazette that for the first time in Makkah, some 30 specialised weapons and bomb disposal squads have been deployed around the Grand Mosque in Makkah for the last 10 days of Ramadan. As there have been a number of various high profile security incidents accross the globe, these additional measures have been added to increase the security of the pilgrims. 

“The units inspect vehicles with the help of sniffer dogs and special tools. This safety measure has been implemented for the first time,” said Khalid Muhareb, a major general in Umrah Safety Forces for Weapons and Bombs.

Drivers around the hotels surrounding the Grand Mosque have been warned against carrying any flammable or prohibited material.

“We have so far not record any suspicion cases,” Muhareb said.

We pray that Allah keeps all the pilgrims safe in this blessed land.