Air-conditioned umbrella invented for pilgrims

July 12, 2017 Ali Sajaad

A fantastic new invention was introduced by a Saudi engineer Mohammed Hamid Sayegh. He invented an air-conditioned umbrella called “Makkah Umbrella which has been designed to use solar energy or batteries to aid pilgrims to avoid dehydration and issues pertaining to heat exhaustion during the Hajj season. It is typical for temperatures to soar over 40°C in the holy sites.

The official launch of his invention was in Jeddah and Mohammed said "the demand for umbrellas has soared over the past years due the high heat and most of the foreign pilgrims from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world prefer to use umbrellas during their Hasj journey."

Describing his invention, he said: “This air-conditioned umbrella works by using solar energy or by being charged by electricity or batteries. It is lightweight (610 gram only), easy to use, has a two-speed fan, and is easily connected to any water bottle installed in the canopy with a hand pump to push the water to the sprinklers”. This year is set to see unprecedented hot weather for pilgrims during Hajj, so this umbrella looks to be ideal for the pilgrims.

Raed Matar, the marketing and sales manager of “Makkah Umbrella” mentioned “Because of such high temperature which causes difficulties for the guests of Allah, it made us work hard to make this umbrella available in the market before the start of the Haj season. We have also ensured that the price is affordable for everyone” he said.

We at HajjandUmrah360 applaud Mohammed for his great invention and can’t wait to get our hands on the umbrella and to give it a try!