Women - General Advice

Women - General Advice

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

When you are in Makkah and you wish to perform tawaaf, keep track of the salah times to avoid starting your tawaaf very close to iqaama time.

If you do not watch the times, it will result in you getting “caught” among the men during the fardh salah.  It is unacceptable for women to perform their salah in front of men, even though you may see it happen in the Haram.  You may argue that the Haram is exempted due to the crowds.  This is definitely not so.  Plan your tawaaf times to avoid inconvenience to yourself, and the rest of the pilgrims. If for some reason you are caught up in this situation, then it is best for you to stand in one place without performing your salah, and to perform the salah later.

Avoid walking in front of a person performing their sunnah salah.  The Harams are not exempted from the prohibition of walking in between a person and his sutra (wall or item directly in front of a person performing salah).  Sometimes it is almost impossible to avoid this. However, do your best.

It is also more relevant for women NOT to pass in front of men performing their salah. As per the hadith, this action invalidates the salah of the man (except congregational salah). There is a difference of opinion on this point, but be aware of it and do try to avoid walking in front of the men.

Women should also perform the janazah salah, as they are equally rewarded. Don’t miss this opportunity!