Makkah - Ziyarah

Makkah - Ziyarah

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

There are no places to visit in Makkah as part of Hajj. (So, if you do not wish to go anywhere, except spending your time in the Haram, then do so).

However, there are many pilgrims who are interested in some of the historical places. Many people save their money over a lifetime to come to Makkah and have learnt about some of these places over the years at school and from ahadith and so on, therefore they are really keen to visit them. Don't necessarily believe everything the guide tells you, as there are many of them that relate fake stories.

One place of interest to visit is the factory where they make the cloth (kiswat) that covers the Ka'bah. You need to make an appointment to visit the factory. Most agents know the procedures to follow to obtain permission for a visit to this factory.

Visit the cemeteries (graveyards). This is to remind us of death.

If you plan to go somewhere and the trip means missing a fardh salah in the Haram, avoid it. Remember the reward is 100,000 times for each salah. Do not “short-change” yourself.

Preferably avoid the trips to climb Jabal-Thur or Jabal-Nur (Mountains). This is dangerous and tiring. There is a probability of you hurting your ankles doing this, so avoid it as you will need your health and strength for Hajj. Furthermore there is no reward for climbing these mountains.

Most groups take a trip to Arafat and Mina. This may be worthwhile as it gives you a chance to see these places when they are less crowded.

DO NOT perform salah on Jabal-Rahmah (Mountain of Mercy) in Arafat as many people do or cast pebbles at the jamr’at in Mina. Also refrain from writing your name on the stone structure on Jabal-Rahmah.

Once again, none of these visits is necessary and if you decide to go (from an historical point), ensure that you are back in time for salah in the Haram.