Hajj Vaccinations

Hajj Vaccinations

June 01, 2017 Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

It is of high importance to take vaccinations (according to the table shown below) long enough before Hajj. It is indispensably necessary for protecting yourself as well as fellow pilgrims. Some of these vaccinations are compulsory and some are optional. And in all cases, you should consult a doctor before taking the vaccination.



Target Group



Meningococcal vaccination

All pilgrims and children over two, as well as pregnant women

At least 10 days before Hajj

Compulsory, for three-year immunity.

Vaccination against yellow fever


Pilgrims hailing from places affected by the disease, such as African semi-desert regions, and some South-American countries.


At least 10 days before Hajj

Up to ten-year immunity.

Vaccination against seasonal influenza

All pilgrims, especially the elders, those suffering from chronic diseases, patients with immunodeficiency (natural and acquired alike), as well as patients with metabolic diseases, obese persons, and pregnant women (beginning with the fourth month).

Six weeks before Hajj.


Vaccination against pneumonia

Patients with such diseases as sickle cell anemia, renal failure, immunodeficiency, and splenectomy. It could be given, also, to the elders and those suffering from chronic diseases in the liver, heart and lungs.


Polio vaccination

Pilgrims of all age groups hailing from regions stricken by polio.

At least 10 days before Hajj

Another dose is given to the pilgrim when arriving to the Kingdom.                                             


Be sure to carry about the card that proved that you have taken the necessary vaccinations when arriving at the Saudi ports (land, sea and air ports).


Negligence of vaccinations or obtaining certificates of fake vaccination are not to be tolerated. All such attempts are punishable by law.